Toyota Prado, a Brief History – Ideal Engines

By Wayne M Adams

In 1990 Toyota added the Prado model to its Landcruiser line of vehicles. This line was marketed more towards on the road purpose rather than previous offerings which leaned heavily on the off road capability of the vehicles. This vehicle has a coil over shock suspension to improve handling, and came in either four door or two door versions.

In May of 1993 the Prado went through a makeover and was revamped as the 90 series. The Prado was stretched while keeping the design a medium duty vehicle. Toyota then swapped out the front suspension with an independent setup that was similar to their Tacoma and Hilux Surf's. Then by June of 1999 more changes were made, fog lamps were added to the front bumper, new engines were available and an engine immobilizer was used as a theft deterrent.

The third generation of the Prado was introduced in 2002, this variation included a re designed front suspension which addressed past concerns about…

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The Best Qualities of a Land Cruiser Prado

By Chris C. Sturat

The world is embracing new technologies and with that car manufacturing companies like Toyota are keenly observing new ways of manufacturing; they are building new plants and spending loads of cash on research and development to find new ways of building the best automobiles that would be on top in the industry and investing for the future demands. In addition these companies are employing highly competent and multi-skilled personnel to help in realizing their objectives for the century.

A Land Cruiser Prado is manufactured by Toyota Company from Japan, which makes their vehicles to meet their customer's needs and expectations, some of the specifications are not found in other regions but they have made it possible for you as a buyer to get adequate information through dealers who are based in every continent of this globe. Information about this vehicle can be found through the company website and also auto shows and magazines. The La…

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Land Cruiser Prado (Facelift) Review – Sophisticated Modern Car

By Derry Dharmawan

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) launched the Land Cruiser Prado which is the result of redesign or facelift. The part which redesigned is the headlights with new design and the cabin is more spacious because the increased space between the front seat and second row. Additionally, the structure of body and frame is strengthened as well.

The interesting thing is the additional of sophisticated devices that make the driver of Prado more comfortable and exciting when through any road conditions from smooth road to off-road.

Multi-terrain Monitor

The special technology feature from Land Cruiser Prado is the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) which makes the damping that generated by the car fits with road surface conditions. In the latest version, there is also additional a Multi-terrain Monitor.

Multi-terrain Monitor display images from cameras that placed at all four sides of the vehicle. With this way, …

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